ca. 400 B.C.E.

“Order” of Bagoas* [Present-day Iran, Iraq, Egypt; Achaemenid Empire] [Unconfirmed]

Commentary from other sources:

1) “[…] as punishment for the fratricide** in this temple, Bagoas imposes a fine of fifty [Greek] Drachma for each lamb they (Jews) sacrifice in the[ir] temple.” [*Bagoas was a Visier (Chief Minister) in the Achaemenid Empire. **According to the source, this order came after the death of the high-priest and his son Jonathan’s succession. His other son, Joshua, however, wanted to hold the same position and tried to gather favor with the governors of Syria and Phoenicia. An altercation between the two brothers ensued in the temple and Joshua was killed.]
Weigl, Johann Baptist: Theologisch-Chronische Behandlung über das wahre Geburts- und Sterb-Jahr Jesu Christi. Zweiter, praktischer Theil. (Theological-chronological treatment of the real birth-year and year-of-death of Jesus Christ, Second part.); (Sulzbach; 1849)