ca. 216 B.C.E.

Order of Ptolemy IV Philopator [Present-day Egypt; Ptolemaic Kingdom] [Unconfirmed]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “[…] Jews are to be downgraded from first-class citizens to the lowest, third-class citizens [and] each Jew is to re-register again […] and one is to brand each Jew’s body with a red-hot iron in [the shape of] an ivy-leaf as a sign for their servitude/bondage (‘Knechtschaft’) […] A death-sentence awaits anyone who opposes the implementation of this order […].”
Weigl, Johann Baptist: Theologisch-Chronische Behandlung über das wahre Geburts- und Sterb-Jahr Jesu Christi. Zweiter, praktischer Theil. (Theological-chronological treatment of the real birth-year and year-of-death of Jesus Christ, Second part.); (Sulzbach; 1849)