ca. 516 C.E.

“Legal Book of Gundobald Regarding Jews” (“Liber Legum Gundobadi de Judaeis”) issued by King Gundobad [Kingdom of the Burgundians; Present-day France, Italy, Switzerland] [Provisional]: “1) Jews who dare to lay a hand on Christians in a fight, or harm them with club, whips, stone, or by any other mean, we order that they should have their hand cut off, 2) unless they are able to pay a penance of 12 solidus* and a fine of 12 solidus* […]. 3) Furthermore, if a Jew dares to attack a clergymen, he shall be delivered to death and his possessions handed over to our treasury.” [Researcher’s note: *The solidus was a Late Roman cold coin. The date for this text is lost. All that is known is that it must have been issued before King Gundobad’s death in 516.]
Monvmenta Germaniae Historica. Inde Ab Anno Christi Qvingentesimo vsque ad annvm Millesimvm et Qvingentesimvm. Auspiciis Societatis Apriendis Fontibvs Rervm Germanicarvm Medii Aevi. Edidit Georgivs Henricvs Pertz. Serenissimo Borussiae Regi a Consil. Regim. Int. Bibliothecae Regiae Praefectus. (Hannoverae; MDCCCLXIII); (Monuments of Germanic History. From the year of Christi 500 to 1500. With the aid of the Society for German Sources of the Middle Ages. Edited by Georgius Herichcus Pertz. Governor of the Royal Library of the serene King of Prussia.); (Hannover; 1863); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/11/2018