ca. 1179

“Leges Edwardi (Laws of Edward) – Decree XXV concerning the Jews” issued by Edward the Confessor [Angevin England; Present-day England] [Provisional]: “It should be know that all Jews, wheresoever in the realm they be, ought to be under the guard and protection of the king’s liege. Nor ought any of them place himself under any rich man without the king’s licence [license]; because the Jews themselves and all theirs belong to the king. And if any detain them or their money, let the king, if he will and can, ask it back as if it were his own.” [Researcher note: Exact date is unknown.]”
Jacobs, Joseph: The Jews of Angevin England: Documents and Record from Latin and Hebrew Sources; (London; 1893); Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 11/5/2016