Apr. 10, 1201

Charter of Liberties to the Jews, issued by King John of England [England]: “John by the grace of God, etc. … And it shall be lawful for Jews without hindrance to receive and buy all things which shall be brought to them, except those which are of the Church and except cloth stained with blood. And if a Jew be appealed by any man without witness, he shall be quit of that appeal by his bare oath upon his Book. And in like manner he shall be quit of an appeal touching those things which pertain to our crown, by his bare oath upon his Roll. And if there shall be dispute between Christian and Jew touching the loan of any money, the Jew shall prove his principal and the Christian the interest. And it shall be lawful for the Jew peaceably to sell his pawn after it shall be certain that he has held it for a whole year and a day. And Jews shall not enter into a plea save before us or before those who guard our castles, in whose bailiwicks Jews dwell. … Witnesses ; Geoffrey Fitz Peter, Earl of Essex ; William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke ; Henry de Bohun, Earl of Hereford ; Robert de Turnham ; William Briwere ; etc. Dated by the hand of Simon, Archdeacon of Wells, at Marlborough, on the 10th day of April in the second year of our reign.”
English Economic History: Select Documents. Edited by Alfred Edward Bland, Richard Henry Tawney. Macmillan: New York, 1919. p. 44, Accesssed online 5/02/2016, Researched by Dominik Jacobs