ca. 1259 C.E.

Canon 8, issued by the Provincial Council of Mainz (formerly called Mayence) [Present-day Germany] [Provisional]: “[…] Should any of the afore-mentioned [Jewish] people be seen on Good Friday, in the street, in the doorway of his house, or in the windows, to which two Christians will testify, he shall be compelled to give a silver mark to the local diocese by way of punishment.”
Mansi, G. Domenico., Baluze, E., Petit, L., Cossart, G., Martin, J. Baptiste., Labbe, P. Sacrorum conciliorum, nova et amplissima collectio (Holy Councils, New and Improved Collection). Paris: H. Welter, 1903. Vol. 23, Col.1000. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/29/2019