Mar. 11, 1310

Edict, issued by Emperor Henry VII, King of Germany, for the City of Nuremberg [Present-day Germany]: “Any animals slaughtered by the Jews at Nuremberg shall not be sold at the meat counters of Christians, but in separate and distinct butcher shops or stalls. The aforementioned [i.e., Nuremberger] Jews shall not charge more weekly interest than two hellers per pound heller to a regular citizen of Nuremberg, and not more that three hellers per pound heller to an outsider. On Christian fast days, these [Nuremberger] Jews shall not buy any fish before noon.”
Würfel, A. Historische Nachrichten von der Juden-Gemeinde, welche ehehin in der Reichsstadt Nürnberg angericht gewesen, aber anno 1499 ausgeschaffet worden [Historical News of the Jewish Community that was once established in the Imperial City of Nuremberg but was exiled in the year 1499]. Monath: Nuremberg, 1755. Page 126. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/23/2020.