Jun. 29, 1315

Writ of Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV [Present-day Germany]: “Louis, the Bavarian (‘Ludwig der Baier’) authorizes the Schultheiss*, the councilmen, and the citizens/community of Nuremberg to tear down the built-on-awnings (‘Kellerhälse’)**, booths, and arbors which the local Jews use to block off their houses from public streets […]” [Researcher’s note: The above is a translation of a German summary of the original old text which can be found in Würfel’s Historische Nachrichten der Juden-Gemeinde in der Reichsstadt Nürnberg (Historical tidings regarding the Jewish community in the Imperial City of Nuremberg). *A Schultheiss/Schultheiß was the head of the municipality in medieval Germany. **Kellerhälse (pl.) were built-out awnings or protruding roofs that were built over the stairs of a cellar and often used to sell small items.]
Regesten zur Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland während des Mittelalters. Bearbeitet von Dr. M. Wiener. Erster Teil. (Regesta regarding the history of Jews in Germany during the Middle Ages. Edited by M[eir] Wiener, PhD. First Part.); (Hannover; 1862); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/10/2020