ca. 1318 C.E.

“Diocesan Synod of Brixen” held under Bishop Johannes von Schlackenwert [Present-day Italy; Prince-Bishopric of Brixen] [Provisional]: “[…] Jews may not appear in public among/in the company of Christians on Good Friday. Furthermore, they should distinguish themselves in their attire from Christians at all times. They should not be used as judges or in any other [public] capacity [to rule] over Christians. Nor should Christians serve them or allow them to feed their children (as wet-nurses). 42) Jews are not to build new synagogues.”
Medieval Ashkenaz: Corpus der Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden im Spätmittlealterlichen Reich; Synoden und Konzilien 1, Nr. 11 (“Corpus of the Sources on the History of Jews in the Late Middles Ages; Synods and Councils 1, No. 11”).  Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/18/2017