ca. May 1319 C.E.

“Jews. [Their] conduct during Good Friday” issued by the [City] Council of Zurich [Present-day Switzerland] [Provisional]“One orders/writes to all Councils: The local Jews and Jewesses are not to be seen through windows or on the streets as soon as they hear the [church-]bells ring between [Good] Wednesday and Holy Saturday, and in their homes, they are to refrain from yelling or making loud noises […] lest they be fined by the [City] Council.” [Researcher’s note: The source dates this original writ of the City Council of Zurich as “before May 1, 1319.”]
Die Zürcher Stadtbücher des XIV. und XV. Jahrhunderts. Auf Veranlassung der Antiquarischen Gesellschaft in Zürich. Herausgegeben mit Geschichtlichen Anmerkungen von H. Zeller-Werdmüller. I. Band. (City-ledger of Zurich for the 14th and 15th Century. [Complied/Printed] At the request of the Antiquarian Society in Zurich. Published with historical annotations by H. Zeller-Werdmüller. Volume I.); (Leipzig; 1899); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/18/2020