Jan. 27, 1332

“Official Announcement” of Emperor Louis IV [the Bavarian] [Present-day Germany]: “We, Louis (‘Ludowig’), Roman Emperor by the grace of God, […] announce with this letter, that We permit Our faithful Schenk* Ruprecht of Schweinsberg (‘Rupprechten dem schenken von Sweinsperch’) and his heirs, for his past and future services which he has bestowed upon Us, to have 4 Jews with all of their ‘use/profits’ (‘nutzen’) and rights until We or one of our progeny retracts this [permit].” [Researcher’s note: *A Schenk or Mundschenk was an court official (‘a cupbearer’) in charge of drinks in the princely courts.]
Marburg, StA, Urk. 134, Nr. 4, Orig. (A), dt., Perg.; (“Marburg, City Archive, [Official] Document 134, No. 4, Orig[inal] (A), German, [on] Parchment Paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/24/2017