Jun. 4, 1340

Writ announced by the Notary Heinrich on behalf of Duke Albert II of Austria [Present-day Austria; Duchy of Austria]: “[…] Albrecht II, Duke of Austria, Steyr, and Carinthia, due to the great harm and related disputes that often arise from the wickedness of Jews for forging seals and documents […] and after following the advice of his nobility to eradicate this evil […] he has found a solution in the interest of his Christian and Jewish subjects by employing two public notaries, namely Heinrich himself and Eckhard, to help write down all [current] debts in the possession of Jews in a book created for them and to have such [deeds] registered in the future as well.”
Brugger, Eveline and Brigit Wiedl: Regesten zur Geschichte der Juden in Österreich im Mittelalter. Band 2: 1339-1365. (Innsbruck/Wien/Bozen; 2010); (Regesta pertaining to the history of Jews in Austria during the Middle Ages. Volume 2: 1339-1365); (Innsbruck/Vienna/Bolzano; 2010); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/27/2020