Feb. 2, 1342

Writ of Holy Roman Emperor, Louis IV [Present-day Germany]: “[Emperor Louis confirms via this writ] that – in good council – We have come to an agreement with the Jewry in the empire in that each Jew and Jewess, who is a widow, and above the age of twelve, and holds assets worth more than twenty Gulden, is to give annually one Gulden as a body-tax (‘Zinß Von iren Leib’) [… and orders the city of Rotenburg to dutifully help him with the (worth-) estimation of the local Jews …]”
Historische Untersuchungen über die ehemalige Reichsstadt Rotenburg oder die Geschichte der deutschen Gemeinde aus urkundlichen Quellen bearbeitet von Dr. Heinrich Wilhelm Bensen. (Nürnberg; 1837); (Historical examination regarding the Imperial City of Rotenburg or the history of the German community from official sources/writs compiled/edited by Heinrich Wilhelm Bensen, PhD.) (Nuremberg; 1837); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/17/2020