Apr. 12, 1348

“Extract of the Privilege of Holy Roman King Charles IV (‘Caroli IV’) for the Jews in Worms” [Present-day Germany; Free Imperial City of Worms/Holy Roman Empire]: “We, Charles (‘Carl’), Roman King by the grace of God […] have given the Jews and the Jewry of Worms, together with their belongings and their use and right [over them] … which belong to Us and Our ancestors of the empire […] to the citizens of Worms […] they may do with the Jews and Jewry of Worms as they please […]. And we vow not to pledge or sell the Jews and Jewry whom we have gifted and given to the citizens of Worms to anyone in the future […].”
Des Reichs-Stättischen Hand-Buchs. Zweyter Theil. (Hand-book of the Imperial Cities. Second part.); (Tübingen; 1733); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/10/2020