Jul. 22, 1350

Writ issued by Emperor Charles (‘Karl’) IV [Present-day Germany]: “We, Charles (‘Karl’), Roman Emperor by the grace of God […] announce and make public with this letter/writ to all who see, hear, or read it […] that we have bestowed our special royal grace upon the nobleman Heinrich Grauen von Hoenstein, and the lords of Sundershusen, our dear loyal, and give all goods/possessions (‘daz Gut’) of the ruined/killed (‘verderbten’) Jews, our chamber-servants […] in Nordhausen […] to the city and the citizens […] Therefore, all communal and private goods/properties of Jews are to be those of the aforementioned citizens […].” [Researcher’s note: The above writ was given after a number of Jews were either chased away or killed in Nordhausen.]
Förstemann, Ernst Günther: Geschichte der Stadt Nordhausen. Erste Lieferung, bis zum Jahre 1250. (History of the city Nordhausen. First issue, until the year 1250.); (Nordhause; 1827); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/17/2020