Dec. 10, 1361

Mandate, issued by Emperor Carl IV, to the Jewish moneylenders in Strasbourg and elsewhere in the empire [Present-day France, Germany]: “We, Charles, by God’s grace King of the Romans etc., herewith release, by Imperial grace and the perfection of Imperial power, and with righteous awareness, the noblemen Eberhard and Ulrich, landgraves of Württemberg, and all of their heirs, their dominion, their servants, their cities, the poor among their subjects and their guarantors, from all debt incurred in the year 1349 and afterwards, that are owed to the Jews, Our chamber servants [‘Kammerknechte,’ i.e., the property of the Emperor), wherever they may have resided or reside now, as well as from any claims and damages stemming from these debts.” [Researcher’s note: for an explanation of Jewish “chamber servitude” in the Middle Ages, see “KAMMERKNECHTSCHAFT” at]
Württembergische Kammer der Abgeordneten [Württemberg Chamber of Representatives] (govt. body). Verhandlungen der Württembergischen Kammer der Abgeordneten in den Jahren 1862 bis 64 (Proceedings of the Württemberg Chamber of Representatives in the Years 1862 to 1864). First Volume of Appendices, Second Part. Metzler: Stuttgart, 1863-1864. Page 1168. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/17/2020