Sept. 20, 1372

Writ of Count Engelbert III of the Mark [Present-day Germany]: “We, Engelbert (‘Engelbrecht’), Count of Mark announce to all Jews publicly, who are in Dortmund or will come to the city in the future [that we vow to protect them and allow them to enter and pass through the County of Dortmund or to settle there…] for which each married couple is to give 4 Marks [to Us and] each unwedded [person] is to give 2 Marks in so far as he pursues usury on his own…].”
Hübner, Rudolf: Der Immobiliarprozess der Fränkischen Zeit. (Breslau; 1893); (The real estate process of the Franconian period.) (Wroclaw; 1893); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/3/2020