Jun. 10, 1385

“Agreement on the Legal Residence of Jews,” enacted by the Swabian League of Cities [Present-day Germany]: “We, the united cities, which maintain the League in Swabia, having convened in Ulm, recognizing the matters before us, which have caused ill will and dispute among men [in our cities], have decided in our Council, that as of one year from today’s date, no city in our league shall admit any Jew as a citizen who is not [already] a resident citizen of one of our cities, nor shall they admit him otherwise.” [Researcher’s note: The Swabian League of Cities (German: Schwäbischer Städtebund) was an alliance between free imperial cities in and around the area now defined as south-western Germany. Its objective was the maintenance of the privileges, rights, and freedoms of its members, and it therefore also opposed the territorial ambitions of surrounding states within the Holy Roman Empire, such as Bavaria, Württemberg, and Austria.]
Historical Commission of the Royal Academy of Sciences (Ed.). Die Chroniken der fränkischen Städte. Nürnberg (Volume 1) [The Chronicles of the Frankish Cities. Nuremberg (Volume 1)]. Hirzel: Leipzig, 1862. Page 114. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/29/2020