Sept. 1, 1387

“Law” (‘Abschied’) of the Rhenish City Parliament of Speyer [Present-day Germany]: “[…] 1) Also, one has come to an agreement with the Swabian cities […] that Jews are to be prohibited to take on any Christian [wet] nurses or maids […] and any Jew or Jewess [found to disobey this order …] is to give a fine of hundred guldens to the city in which they live […] and the nurse or maid is to be banned for a year from the city […]. 2) Also, one is to make sure that they appear/walk according to Jewish-customs and fashion […] 3) Also, Christian servants and [wet] nurses and maids [who serve Jews] are to be branded with a mark under their eyes […].”
Deutsche Reichstagsacten unter König Wenzel. Erster Band. Erste Abteilung. 1376-1387. Herausgegeben von Julius Weizsäcker. (München; 1867); (German Parliamentary Files/Documents of King Wenceslaus. First Volume. First section. 1376-1387); Munich; 1867; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/14/2020