Sept. 16, 1390

Decree, issued by Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia, King of Germany, for the cities of Nuremberg, Rothenburg, Schweinfurt, Windsheim and Weissenburg [Present-day Germany]: “We have considered the significant and manifold damage wrought upon our subjects, noblemen and commoners alike, by the Jews and their immoderate practices, and therefore decree and order herewith, that all citizens of Nuremberg, Rothenburg, Schweinfurt, Windsheim and Weissenburg shall be free of, and unencumbered by, any loans and similar contracts with Jews in those cities, but also with any Jews in other cities or foreign places; and any disputes regarding such debts, whether brought by the Jews themselves, their representatives, or their heirs, shall be dismissed by the magistrates, the debts declared null and void, and any collateral be restored to the borrower, without compensation [to the Jew].”
Historical Commission of the Royal Academy of Sciences (Ed.). Die Chroniken der fränkischen Städte. Nürnberg (Volume 1) (The Chronicles of the Frankish Cities. Nuremberg (Volume 1)). Hirzel: Leipzig, 1862. Page 125. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 2/3/2020