Jan. 25, 1403

“Writ” of King Ruprecht [Present-day Germany]: “[…] King Ruprecht orders his chamber-servants, the Jews Elias von Weinheim […] and Isaak von Oppenheim to collect and deliver [to him] the Guldenpfenning* and half of the Jewish taxes from the Jews of the Palatinate and the empire and to report fraud and heinous deeds/sin among Jews themselves and among Jews and Christians. Should a Jew refuse to give the Guldenpfenning*, all others, who live with him [in the same protective] district (‘frythof’) are to avoid him and not to interact with him. […]” [Researcher’s note: The Opferpfenning was a poll tax that was initially introduced by Emperor Louis IV of Bavaria which required Jews past the age of 12 to pay a gulden as a “protection fee.”]
Zeitschrift für die Geschichte des Oberrheins. Herausgegeben von dem Landesarchive zu Karlsruhe, durch den Direktor desselben L. J. Mone. Neunter Band. (Periodical of the history of the Upper-Rhine. Edited by the state archive of Karlsruhe by the Director of the same L. J. Mone. Ninth volume); (Karlsruhe; 1858); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 1/2/2020