Jan. 11, 1410

Writ of King Rupert (‘Ruprecht’) addressed to Bishop Rhaban of Speyer [Present-day Germany]: “[King Rupert gives Bishop Raban of Helmstatt (‘Rhaban von Speyer’), his Chancellor and all his [Chancellor’s] successors the Jews of Landau with all of their uses and to tax them] how and whenever they want in the same manner as we or our progeny would do [except the golden Opferpfennig*…]” [Researcher’s note: *The [golden-]Opferpfennig, or “the golden sacrificial-penny” was a specific tax collected from Jews in the Middle Ages].
Regesten zur Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland während des Mittelalters. Bearbeitet von Dr. M. Wiener. Erster Teil. (Regesta regarding the history of Jews in Germany during the Middle Ages. First Part.); (Hannover; 1862); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/17/2020