Jul. 25, 1454

“Order of Expulsion for Jews (Znojmo)” issued by King Ladislaus the Posthumous [Kingdom of Bohemia; Present-day Czech Republic]: “We, Ladislaus (‘Laßlaw’), by God’s grace, King of Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Duke of Austria and Margrave of Moravia, admit that We have actually noticed, the depravity and burden which Our dear loyal citizens and community of Znojmo (‘Znoym’) […] have suffered from the hands of the Jews who also live in Znojmo, and that they (the citizens) have experienced immense poverty and ruin and might experience even worse poverty and ruin in the future […] which could lead to mischief/crime (‘unfug’) before long. In order to remedy this, we have deliberated and have accepted advice [on this matter… and have decided] with the power of this letter, of Royal, Bohemian authority in this matter, that all Jews [and] Jewesses, young and old, with no exception, shall move away […] from Znojmo between now and Saint Martin’s Day, the latest, without delay.  […]” [Researcher’s note: In this order, King Ladislaus also gifts the houses, synagogues etc. of the Jews to the Christian citizens of Znojmo, and tells them to do with those as they see fit so long they pay the taxes that the Jews of Znojmo were required to submit to him.]
Juden in Mähren – Judengemeinden in Südmähren. Zusammengetragen und verfasst von Gerhard Hanak (Jews in Moravia – Jewish Communities in Southern Moravia. Compiled and written/drawn up by Gerhard Hanak); Europas-mitte.de; Accessed online 2/4/2018; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/13/2018