Jul. 12, 1462

“Ordinance” issued the Venetian Senate [Present-day Italy; Republic of Venice]: “Jews may not engage in trade without permission from the Senate […] in the countryside, this permission must be granted by the local authority (first).”
Hebraeische Bibliographie. Blätter für neuere und ältere Literatur des Judenthums. Unter Mitwirkung von J. Benjakob, N. H. v. Biema, A. Geiger […] herausgegeben von M. Steinschneider. Band VI. (Hebrew bibliography. Papers regarding modern and ancient literature of Judaism. With the participation of J. Benjakob […], edited by M. Steinschneider. Volume VI.); (Berlin; 1863); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/15/2020