Sept. 7, 1495

“Order” issued by the Commissioners of the Territorial Estates (‘Landstände’) of Styria [Present-day Austria]: “The commissioners of the territorial estates (‘Landstände’) of Styria, Abby Wolfgang von Rein, Otto von Stubenberg, Jakob Windischgrätzer, Christoph von Radmannsdorf, and Lienhard Harracher order in the name of the territorial-estates and his royal majesty a tax-patent for all priestly and worldly estates [who own land and property in the land] to come up with 38,000 Pounds Pennies (‘Pfund Pfennigen’) as compensation for his royal majesty for the expulsion of Jews [from the land] and to pay service-members for the war with Hungary. The people of Styria (‘steiermärkische Landschaft’) have agreed during the last parliamentary meeting in Graz with the permission of his royal majesty to expel all Jews forever from Styria, (Viennese) Neustadt, and Neunkirchen for their misdeeds by the next Day of Epiphany […].”
Regesta Imperii. Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz; (Regesta of the Empire. Academy of the Sciences and Literature Mainz); RI XIV Maximilian I. (1486/1493-1519) – RI XIV,1 (; Accessed online; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/11/2020