Jul. 21, 1498

Decree, issued by Emperor Maximilian I, King of Germany, for the City of Nuremberg [Present-day Germany]: “We order the mayor, the council and the community of the City of Nuremberg, seriously and irrevocably, that you shall drive any and all Jews and Jewesses out of Nuremberg, even those who obey your commandments, so that they will, within a deadline to be determined by you, remove themselves from that same City of Nuremberg, with all of their movable goods and possessions; and their homes, their synagogue and any other real estate, including their graveyard, shall be relinquished and turned over to Our imperial bailiffs, without any objections. Neither you nor your descendants shall allow any Jew or Jewess to enter Nuremberg and its surroundings, let alone live there, for time eternal.”
Neumann, Max. Geschichte des Wuchers in Deutschland bis zur Begründung der heutigen Zinsgesetze (History of usury in Germany until the establishment of current laws on interest). Buchhandlung des Waisenhauses: Halle, 1865. Page 400. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/5/2020