Jan. 31, 1544

“Deportation of Jews,” order issued by Emperor Ferdinand I, Archduke of Austria [present-day Austria]: “Whereas […] we […] mercifully consider that the poor, common man is being cornered and burdened by the visits and usurious contracts of the Jews, and that less-than-scrupulous persons are given much cause by this to commit thievery, embezzlement and similarly disadvantageous acts […], it is therefore not our feeling, will and opinion to let the Jews remain in our lands at this time. Thus, we order you and everyone […] that from this hour forward, in the face of this letter […], you will remove them from these lands, and […] not let them settle down, nor allow them to stay in any other way.”
von Guarint, Frantz Anton (ed.). Codex Austriacus: Zu Gemeinsamen Nutzen mit besondern Fleiß zusammen getragen Und das Erstemahl in Druck gelassen, Volume 1. Voigt & Koll: Vienna, 1704. P.559. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/12/2019