Jun. 5, 1571

“Royal Order” issued by Emperor Maximilian II [Present-day Austria]:  “[…] Jews are to be permitted to live in the city and shall wear a (little) yellow hood (‘gelbes Häube’) instead of a yellow patch. In order to protect them from ambushes, they shall live in one house (in the current ‘Himmelpfortgasse’, which is to have only one entrance, […] the windows and the doors shall be well protected, so that during the night (‘nächtlicher Weil’) nobody can leave or enter the home from a secret passage. There shall be a keeper/watcher (‘Zuseher’) in the house, who shall keep an eye on things day and night as to what the Jews are doing. […] Foreign Jews who come to Vienna must report to the authorities immediately as to where they come from and who they will live with and these persons who make these reports shall be reliable/trustworthy.”
Wolf, Gerson: Geschichte der Juden in Wien (1156-1876); (Wien, 1876); (Wolf, Gerson: History of the Jews in Vienna (1156-1876); (Vienna, 1876); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/25/2017