Mar. 21, 1639

“Ordinance Regarding the Admission of Jews into the City,” issued by the City Senate of Strasbourg [Present-day France]: “When a Jew requests to enter the city, he shall be examined and interrogated, at the city gate, about his business in the city, the nature of goods he is carrying, and with whom he has dealings; should he carry metals or other useful wares, he shall be escorted to his transactions within the city by a gate-clerk or other city official, who are to watch over the Jew and all of his actions, without allowing him to roam around freely, and to escort him back out of the city before the bell has rung the gate shut that day. Any other Jews shall be denied admission and sent away. The gate-watchmen are ordered to enforce this ordinance strictly, and any dereliction of this duty will result in their dismissal, while the contravening Jew shall be subjected to a substantial fine.”
Lemann, Joseph. (ed.). Eintritt der Israeliten in die bürgerliche Gesellschaft der christlichen Staaten (Entrance of the Israelites into the Civil Society of the Christian States). Sutter: Rixheim (France), 1888. Page 77. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 3/30/2020