Aug. 1, 1641

Decree, issued by Christian IV, King of Denmark and Norway, for the Jews in the Duchy of Holstein [Present-day Germany]: “5. In view of their usury, Jews may [only] charge one pfenning of interest per week against each mark. 11. They may not allow any foreign Jew to stay with them without the prior knowledge of our officers.” [Researcher’s note: 100 pennings constituted one mark, which made the highest allowable weekly interest rate 1%.]
Cohen, A.D. De Mosaiske troesbekjenderes stilling i Danmark forhen og nu: historisk fremstillet i et tidsløb af naesten 200 aar, tilligemed alle lovsteder og offentlige foranstaltninger dem angaande, som ere udkomne fra 1651 til 1836. (The position of the Mosaic believers in Denmark, before and now: historically produced over a period of nearly 200 years, as well as all laws and public measures relating to the same which were published from 1651 to 1836) Forfatterens: Odense, 1837. Page 8. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 5/1/2020