Jul. 26, 1653

“Act of Parliament” issued by the Prussian Parliament [Present-day Lithuania, Poland, Russia; Duchy of Prussia]: “We have had a particular contract signed with the Jewry, according to which all trade and exchange is to be abstained from (‘interdisiret’) in our Electorate domains except during publicly traded festivals (‘publicis et solemnibus nundinis’)* for which they have to report to the local magistrates […]. Furthermore, we do not wish to give them permanent homes (‘fixa domicilia’) in our lands nor permit them to have synagogues. Should any of them be found to have improper merchandize (‘untüchtige Waaren’) or be involved in any illegal usury, we do not wish to shy away from having those punished in all earnestness. […]” [Researcher’s note: *This refers most likely to public markets.]
Die früheren und gegenwärtigen Verhältnisse der Juden in den sämmtlichen Landesstellen des Preußischen Staats; eine Darstellung und Revision der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen über ihre staats- und privatrechtlichen Zustände. Mit Benutzung der Archive der Ministerien des Innern und der Justiz. Von Ludwig von Rönne, Kammer-Gerichts-Rath und Heinrich Simon, Ober-Landes-Gerichts-Assessor; (Breslau; 1843); (The past and present circumstances of Jews in all parts of the Prussian state; a representation and revision of legal provision regarding their conditions in terms of state and private law. With the use of the archives of the Ministries of the Interior and Justice. By Ludwig von Rönne, Legal Council of the Chamber and Heinrich Simon Upper-State-Court-Assessor) (Wroclaw; 1843); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/10/2020