May 4, 1683

“Order of John George (‘Johann Georgens’) III, Elector of Saxony that Jews who travel to Leipzig from Bohemia, Austria, Moravia in order to trade are to take the common (country) roads (‘Landstraße’)” [Present-day Germany; Electorate of Saxony]: “[Since We] Johann Georg the third, by the grace of God, Duke of Saxony [… have received complaints that Jews who are coming from Bohemia, Austria, and Moravia to Leipzig in order to trade, stray/deviate from the common (country) roads … which have been strictly prohibited to them under threat […] and yet, Jews appear to take no heed [to past orders} and depart from the designated roads [… ] which we are not inclined to allow to happen anymore. That is why We remind/warn all Jews who are coming to Leipzig from Bohemia, Austria, and Moravia in order to trade – once and for all herewith […] to remain on the above-mentioned […] street […] and should one or the other contravene […] and take another road through Our domain, he is to lose all possessions that he has on him and anticipate our [further] punishment. [That is why we] Order Our officers, customs- and escort-people/officers as well as City Councils and all court-officers herewith in all seriousness to pay close attention to Bohemian, Austrian, and Moravian Jews […] and not to permit any of them to stray from the above-mentioned street, but rather to stop/intercept them and whatever they carry and to report this [to Us…].”
Lünig: Johann Christian: Des Codicis Augustei, oder Neuvermehrten Corporis Juris Saxonici. Anderer Band. (Codex of Augustus, or newly augmented legal code of Saxony. The other volume.); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/11/2020