Oct. 18, 1699

“Regarding the Contracts of Jews” issued on behalf of Prince-Bishop Johann Philipp (von Greifenclau zu Vollraths) [Present-day Germany; Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg]: “By the grace of God, Johann Philipp, Bishop of Würzburg, Duke of Franconia […] Our greetings first, dear loyal [subjects]! [Since it has come to our attention that] numerous Jews are entering into unlawful and usurious contracts which are to their advantage and cause a lot of harm and ruin […] and since we wish to remedy this situation, that is why we graciously order herewith, that you examine the contracts of each and every one of our subjects who owe our local as well as foreign Jews [and the terms …] especially in regards to loans made on wine, grains, and cattle […] and to submit a written report to us […] within 14 days […] and to arrest those Jews [who have drafted/entered such usurious contracts…].” [Researcher’s note: The order is signed by J. L. Adelmann, Chancellor, Tobias Reibelt, Georg Andr. Schaeffner.]
Thesavrvs Ivris Franconic, Oder Sammlung theils gedruckter theils ungedruckter Abhandlungen, Dissertationen, Programmen, Gutachten, Gesätze, Urkunden, usw. welches das Fränkische und besonders hochfürstliche Wirzburgische Geistliche, Weltliche, Bürgerliche, Peinliche, Polizey- und Kammerrecht erläutern usw. Des Zweyten Abschnittes eilftes Heft. (Wirzburg; 1789); (Thesaurus/Catalogue of Franconia. Or a collection of partly printed, partly unprinted treatises, dissertations, programs, expert reports, laws, and legal documents, etc. which explain church-, secular-, civil-, penal-, police-, and chamber-laws in Franconia, and especially in the Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg. The second part of the eighteenth booklet.); (Würzburg; 1789); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/6/2020