Jun. 28, 1700

“Jewish Ordinance of the Electorate of Cologne” (‘kurcöllnische Judenordnung’) issued by Joseph Clements, Archbishop of Cologne [Present-day Germany; Electorate of Cologne]: “We, Joseph Clements, by the grace of God, Archbishop of Cologne and Arch-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire […] announce and let it be known that […] foremost, no Jew or Jewess may settle down or stay in Our Arch-Stift* without an escort-permit if they want to avoid serious corporal punishment or losing their possessions. Escort[-permit]s shall be issued only by Us and Our Court-Chamber and have Our seal […] No Jew is to be given an escort[-permit] to settle in Our cities if they do not have at least one thousand Thaler in assets, and six hundred Cologne Thaler [if they want] to settle in villages, which they must be able to prove […]” [Researcher’s note: A *Stift was an independent territory within the Holy Roman Empire. The above Jewish-ordinance is several pages long and has been abbreviated to fit the allocated space. It can be found in its entirely in the cited source.]
Von der Ausgrenzung zur Integration. Judenordnungen in Rheinland. Bearbeitet von Norbert Flörken. (From exclusion to integration. Jewish-ordinances in the Rhineland. Edited by Norbert Flörken.); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/20/2020