Mar. 1, 1703

“An Act to encourage the Importation of White Men,” passed by the House of Assembly of Jamaica [Present-day Jamaica]: “And be it further enacted . . . that all Jews that are or shall be hereafter Masters or owners of Slaves within this Island, shall supply their Deficiencies by their own Nation, or by hired white Christian Men, and not by indented Christian Servants, under the Penalty of Five Hundred Pounds current money of this Island.” [Researcher’s note: “Deficiencies” here refers to an unfavorably low number of white men, compared to the number of non-whites, as defined by existing ordinances that aimed to maintain a majority of whites on the island, for fear of slave revolts.]
Friedenwald, Herbert. Material for the History of the Jews in the British West Indies. Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, No. 5 (1897), pp. 45-101. Page 89. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 5/14/2020