Aug. 16, 1706

“Conclusion/Decision” (‘Conclusum’) issued in the Duchies of Silesia [Present-day Czech Republic, Germany; Poland; Duchies of Silesia]: “All Jews, who are older than 15 years old, may they be male or female, are to pay 30 kr. [Kreuzer] per month. This is not only to apply to Jews who live in the domain but also to foreign, Polish, Bohemian, Moravian and other Jews, who come to the domain/land and pursue a trade, however, as far as the latter (foreigners) are concerned, the month is to begin on the day they arrive in the domain […] but they are to be excluded from [having to pay] the monthly Accis*-tax […] the [blood] poor Jews, who seek to find their bread by begging as well as those who serve other Jews as servants, may give only 15 kr. [Kreuzer] every quarter. […]” [Researcher’s note: *Accis (Latin) was an indirect form of taxation. The text goes on to outlines exactly the amount each Jews in the various categories are to pay.]
Continuation derer käyser- und königlichen Privilegien, Statuen und Sanctionum Pragmaticuarum des Landes Schlesien. Mit allergnädigsterh Käyser- und königl. Bewilligung dem gemeinen Wesen zum Besten zusammen getragen. Dritter Theil. (Breslau; 1728); (Continuation of imperial and royal privileges, statutes, and sanctions of [the land] Silesia. With the most gracious imperial and royal permission assembled to the best of ability for the common good. Third part.) (Wroclaw; 1728); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/12/2020