May 8, 1713

“Royal High-Administrative Patent (‘königl. Ober-Ambtliche Patent’) regarding the payment of toleration[-permit]-fees for Jews” issued by Francis Louis* [Present-day Czech Republic, Germany, Poland; Duchies of Silesia]: “[…] We, Franz Ludwig […] order […] that not only the number of Jews and their families in the land are to be researched, but also how a dependable collection [of their taxes] is to be established [… and Jews are to contribute annual toleration-fees in the following manner]: 1) Among settled (‘possessionirten’) Jews, a man [is to give] 1 flr. [Gulden] and 30 kr. [Kreuzer]. 2) Settled Jewish wives/women, 45 kr. [Kreuzer]. 3) Among unsettled Jews, a man [is to give] 3 flr. [Gulden] 4) Their unsettled wives [are to give] 1 flr. [and] 30 kr. [Kreuzer]. 5) Regardless of whether they are settled or unsettled, parents [are to pay] 15 kr. [Kreuzer] for each child. […]” [Researcher’s note: The text goes on to differentiate between the various classes/categories of Jews and how much each is to pay in accordance to his wealth. *Francis Louis (‘Franz Ludwig’) of Palatinate-Neuburg was bishop and archbishop of numerous dioceses and prince-elector on the Holy Roman Empire, and Hochmeister/grand-master of the Teutonic Order.]
Continuation derer käyser- und königlichen Privilegien, Statuen und Sanctionum Pragmaticuarum des Landes Schlesien. Mit allergnädigsterh Käyser- und königl. Bewilligung dem gemeinen Wesen zum Besten zusammen getragen. Dritter Theil. (Breslau; 1728); (Continuation of imperial and royal privileges, statutes, and sanctions of [the land] Silesia. With the most gracious imperial and royal permission assembled to the best of ability for the common good. Third part.) (Wroclaw; 1728); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/12/2020