Dec. 14, 1714

Ordinance, issued by Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Germany, Spain, Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Duke of Austria, Earl of Hapsburg and Flanders [Present-day Germany, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria and Belgium]: “If any Jews under Our royal protection wish to enjoy the privileges and benefits of operating a financial institution, they are to pay the fee indicated on the attached list; if any financial activity is engaged in by those who do not pay this fee, they shall not receive such privileges in the future.” [Researcher’s note: The attached “Juden-Lista” (a list of fees for Jews) set the fee for married Jews at 300 guilders, while the highest fee for non-Jews was 200 guilders.]
“Wir Karl der Sechste, von Gottes Gnaden, Erwählter Römischer Kayser, zu allen Zeiten Mehrer deß Reichs… [We Carl the Sixth, Holy Roman Emperor by Divine Grace, at all Times Multiplier of the Empire…],” 12/14/1714; Decrees Collection; AR 379; Box 1; Folder 59; Leo Baeck Institute. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 12/5/2019