May 15, 1716

“Order” of Augustus II, the Strong [Present-day Germany; Electorate of Saxony]: “[…] No other Jew except Lehmann and Meyer is to be permitted to settle in Saxony […] they shall [however] be able to still travel here to pursue business against the common custom-fees and […] taxes.”
Lehmann, Emil: Der polnische Resident Berend Lehmann, der Stammvater der israelitischen Religionsgemeinde zu Dresden. Von seinem Ur- Ur- Urenkel. (E. Pierson) Dresden 1885. Abgedruckt in: Emil Lehmann, Gesammelte Schriften. (The Polish resident Berend Lehmann, the progenitor of the Israeli religious community in Dresden. From his great-great-great-grandson. (E. Pierson); (Dresden; 1885). Printed in Emil Ehemann, Collected Writings); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/13/2020