Jul. 21, 1720

“Patent” issued by Duke Eberhard Ludwig of Württemberg [Duchy of Württemberg; Present-day Germany]: “By the grace of God, Eberhard Ludwig, Duke of Württemberg and Teck […] Dear faithfuls! You may recall that even though we have issued numerous mandates and general (ordinances) in the Duchy of Württemberg and its territories which have strictly prohibited foreign horse-traders, and specifically Jews (Jewish horse-traders) to purchase and export horses, we have noticed that such (orders) remain unheeded and a large number of horses are purchased and sold […] under all sorts of pretexts by such people, which we not longer wish to see [happen] any longer. Which is why we have found it necessary to issue yet another stricter ordinance […] and order therewith that you shall post this Patent publicly […] so that no one can find opportunity to claim ignorance [of this order…].”
Bayerische StaatsBibliothek digital; (Bavarian State Library; digital library) Patent of Duke Eberhard Ludwig of Württemberg; www.reader.digitale-sammlungen.de; Accessed online; Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 1/7/2020