Aug. 16, 1723

“Edict regarding the unprotected Jews” issued by King Georg of Great Britain [Present-day England and Germany; Electorate of Hannover]: “[We] Georg, King of Great Britain […] by the grace of God, since it has come to our disapproving attention […] that court authorities (‘Gerichts-Herren’) […] (dare to) take it upon themselves, to issue Jews escort-permits so that they can settle in their jurisdiction, and who ultimately enjoy the same legal standing […] as Our protected Jews […] even though the privilege to issue such protection and escort permits is exclusively reserved to the Lord of the land […] that is why we wish to renew the ordinance from February 7, 1687, herewith, and order that any violation (of this law) is to be avoided entirely and that everyone whom this concerns, obeys it or face serious penalties and punishments. […]”
Chur-Braunschweig-Lüneburgische Landes-Ordnung und Gesetze, dritter Theil, worin enthalten Caput Qvartum, von Polizei-Sachen. Erster Band. Mit den zwölf ersten Sectionen desselbigen. Zum Gebrauch des Fürstenthums Lüneburg, auch angehörige Graf- und Herrschaften Zellischen Theils. (Local/land ordinances and laws of the [Elector]-Principality of Brunswick-Lüneburg, third part, which contains chapter four, pertaining to police-matters. Volume I. Containing the first twelve sections of the same. For the use of the principality of Lüneburg, as well as the Duchies and Lordships associated in the territories of Celle.); (Lüneburg; 1743); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/13/2019