Mar. 12, 1726

“Rescript” issued by the Government of Bohemia [Present-day Czech Republic, Germany, Poland; Kingdom of Bohemia]: “Since it has been detected that foreign, especially non-catholic tradesmen, particularly and often Jews, unlawfully peddle in the cities and on the countryside outside of the annual markets and bring ruin (through deception) to the local tradespeople, all foreign and business and tradesmen are permitted to visit annual markets only.”
Zeitschrift des deutschen Vereins für die Geschichte Mährens und Schlesiens. Redigieret von Dr. Karl Schober. Siebter Jahrgang. Heft 1-4. (Brünn; 1903); (Journal of the German society regarding the history of Moravia and Silesia. Edited by Karl Schober, PhD. 7th annual printing. Issues 1-4. (Brno; 1903)); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 12/28/2019