Oct. 25, 1731

“Patent regarding the illegal export of gold and silver” issued by Fredrick William I of Prussia [Present-day Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia; Kingdom of Prussia]: “[…] Jews are free to purchase foreign white or blick-silver* which are of no use to the mint office, however, they are not to deliver (sell) them to manufacturers until they are first stamped into the local coins. […]” [Researcher’s note: *Blick-silver is a silver-rich alloy. While most of the text addresses both Christians and Jews, the above paragraph is solely directed at Jews.]
Des Corporis Constitvtionvm Marchicarvm. Vierdter Theil. Von Zoll- Jagd- Holz- Forst- Wald- Post- Vorspann- Müntz- Salz- Salpeter- und Bergwercks- auch Domänen Pacht- und anderen Aemter- Damm- und Teich-Sachen, Accis-Wesen, Bier- und Mahl-Ziese oder  Scheffelsteuer, Kriegs und Mahl-Metze, auch Mühlen- und Brau-Sachen, Marinen- oder Chargen- und Recrüten-Caffe, Stempel-Papier, gestempelten carten u. In fünff Abtheilungen. Kaiserlich königliche Hofbibliothek. (The constitution of the margraviate. Fourth division. Regarding domains pertaining to tolls/customs, hunting, wood, forest, post, leasing, mint, salt, salpeter, and mining and other offices such as dam and pond matters, as well as milling and brewing, marine, charging and recruiting cafes, stamp-paper, and stamped cards etc. In five divisions. Royal Imperial Court Library.); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 9/8/2019