Feb. 27, 1732

“Updated Jew Ordinance,” issued by Princess Charlotta Amalia, Regent of Nassau-Dillenburg [Present-day Germany]: “I. Jews under our protection shall not blaspheme our Savior, Jesus Christ, nor the Virgin Mary […] and not have any books counter to the Christian faith. II. They shall not erect any synagogues or schools, except those we permit. III. They shall not discuss religion with laymen. IV. They shall not insult, persecute or otherwise antagonize Jews who have found the Christian faith, nor try to induce him to apostasy. V. They shall not hinder Christian sermons, nor try to steer our subjects away from their Christian faith, under penalty of severe punishment without mercy. VI. They shall not sell goods in markets where there are [Christian] trade groups, nor charge more than Christians. VII. They shall, in markets, have the last pick, not the first. VIII. They shall not lend usuriously, i.e., take more than six per cent in annual interest. IX. No Jew shall receive any collateral from our subjects, except in the presence of a government inspectors, who can vet the transaction. X. Debts to Jews exceeding 20 florins shall be signed by a magistrate, and written in German. XI. If a Jew has not claimed any debts within two years, the loan contract shall become void. XII. They shall swear, by way of their Jewish oath, not to bribe any of our officials or servants. XIII. They shall not allow Christians to witness a circumcision. XIV. On Sundays and Christian feast days, they shall not bother Christians with worldly business, but stay at home. XV. Any Jew who violates a Christian wife or virgin, or lies with her, shall be put to death, although with our prior knowledge. XVI. They shall not shelter any Jew who has committed theft, whore-mongering, adultery, manslaughter etc., nor punish him secretly amongst themselves, but take him to a Christian magistrate. XVII. Jews shall refrain from buying stolen goods. XVIII. The Jews shall pay their annual protection tax, and no Jew shall be protected, who cannot bring at least 300 florins into our lands, which he must prove. XIX. We prohibit Jews from slaughtering any meat in our butcheries or any Christian houses. Jews may butcher at home, but sell to Christians only animal quarters, no smaller parts. XX. This ordinance does not imply that the Jews may stay any longer than stated in their letters of protection.”
Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History, New York NY. AR 379: Decrees Collection, 1614-1846. Box 1, Folder 6. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 11/27/2019