Jul. 1, 1739

Customs Ordinance, issued by Carl VI, Holy Roman Emperor, for the Duchy of Silesia [Present-day Poland, Germany, Czech Republic]: “27. Since Jews always gain large profits from Christian merchants, and it is thus only just to make an appropriate difference between the two; therefore, of all the customs fees and duties that are the same for residents and foreigners, the Jews shall pay one-and-a-half times as much, although they shall be exempted from the additional one-half, if the goods have been imported by another Jew, who therefore already paid twice the regular import tax.”
Prussia (country) [no author]. Sammlung aller in dem souverainen Herzogthum Schlesien und der demselben incorporirten Grafschaft Glatz in Finanz-, Polizey-Sachen etc. ergangenen und publicirten Ordnungen, Edicte, Mandate, Rescripte etc. (Collection of all ordinances, edicts, mandates rescripts etc. issued and published in the sovereign duchy of Silesia and its incorporated earldom of Glatz, in matters of finance, policing etc.). Korn: Breslau, 1788. Page 455. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 4/16/2020