Jan. 7, 1745

Edict, issued by Frederick II, King of Prussia [Present-day Germany]: “We have been moved with cause to most graciously find, that the edict of April 8, 1726 – prohibiting Jews, under penalty of flogging, from accepting promissory notes, or any other non-cash instruments, in exchange for goods delivered – shall only apply to those Jews who are needy, simple-minded, not of the age of majority, or inept at managing their affairs; however, in cases where no fraud is apparent, those of some intellect, as well as those who employ servants, shall not be covered by said edict.”
Mylius, Christian Otto (ed.). Corporis Constitutionum Marchicarum Continuatio III. Derer in der Chur und Marck Brandenburg, auch incorporirten Landen, ergangenen Edicten, Mandaten, Rescripten &c. von 1745 bis 1747, inclusive. Mit Königl. Preußischen Privilegio (Third Continuation of the Body of Edicts, Mandates, Rescripts etc. Issued in the Electorate and March of Brandenburg, as well as Incorporated Lands, from 1745 through 1747. With Royal-Prussian Privileges). Buchladen des Waysenhauses: Berlin, 1748. Cols. 1f. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 7/19/2020