May 30, 1750

“Decree” signed by Emperor Maria Theresa (‘Maria Theresia’) [Archduchy of Austria; Present-day Austria]: “[…] it is Our highest wish that the Jewry […] in our territories of Vorarlberg remain expelled and eradicated for all times [… and] that all [their] trade and exchange, much less that of peddling […] is prohibited in Our domain of Vorarlberg (‘vorarlbergischen Herrschaft’) […] at the threat of severe punishment. […]” [Researcher’s note: As compensation for expelling Jews from those territories, Maria Theresa orders the towns of Rankweil und Sulz to pay a total of 600 Gulden for the years 1747, 1748, and 1749 to mitigate any loss of revenue normally submitted by Jews (‘Schutzgelder’); the cities refused and suggested that the 600 Gulden should come from the Jews, which was turned down. Realizing their mistake soon thereafter, the people of Sulz set up a new contracts with Jews allowing them to do business in Sulz again for an annual ‘contribution’ of 500 Gulden.]
Die Geschichte der Juden in Tirol und Vorarlberg. Teil 1 und 2: Die Geschichte in Hohenems und im übrigen Vorarlberg. Von Phil A. Tänzer, Rabbiner. (“The History of Jews in Tyrol and Vorarlberg. Part 1 and 2. The History in Hohenems and Other Parts of Vorarlberg. By Phil A. Tänzer; Rabbi.”) (Meran; 1905); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/12/2018