Aug. 21, 1752

“General-Order” (‘General-Befehl’) issued by Frederick Augustus, King of Poland, Elector of Saxony, Duke of Lithuania [Present-day Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary]: “Dear faithful. Since it has been reported to Us that various Jews, who have been given […] passports/permits from Our Chamber, loan or give these [away] to other Jews for [their] use [which is why … ] We wish to take the necessary provisions [to safeguard Our interests in collecting taxes for these escort[-permit …] and order that you make public that recipients of such Jewish-permits […] are not to loan or give [away] their permits to another Jew or face a fine of 20 Thaler [currency], and they are to sign them […]; moreover, no further permits (‘Frey-Zettel’) are to be issued to Jews […]”
Codex Augusteus, Oder Neuvermehrtes Corpus Juris Saxonici, Worinnen die in dem Churfürstenthum Sachsen und dazu gehörigen Landen, auch denen Marggrafthümern Ober- und Nieder-Lausitz, publicirte und ergangene Constitutiones, Decisiones, Mandata und Verordnungen erhaltenen, nebst einem Elencho, dienlichen Summarien und vollkommenen Registern, mit Ihrer königlichen Majestät in Polen, als Churfürstens zu Sachsen, allergnädigster Bewilligung ans Licht getreten. Lejpzeig, Verlegtes Johann Samuel Heinsius. (Lejpzig; 1772); (Codex Augustus, or newly augmented legal body/laws of Saxony, and those of the Electorate of Saxony and its associated territories, as well as the Margraviates of Upper and Lower Lusatia – and constitutions, decisions, mandates, and received ordinances, along with an elenchus, useful summaries and complete indexes which have appeared, with the most gracious permission of His Royal Majesty in Poland as Elector of Saxony. Published in Leipzig by Johnn Samuel Heinsius; (Leipzig; 1772); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/10/2020