Feb. 23, 1761

“Circular” addressed to the Chambers of the Electorate of Mark, New-Mark, Pomerania, Magdeburg and Halberstadt [Present-day Germany, Poland; Kingdom of Prussia]: “[…] the lust for profit and the highly harmful traffic/trade of Jews in the acquisition of flax/linen [… which causes a shortage in linen/canvas…] is prohibited since the trade with such premium material as flax/linen was never [explicitly] permitted to Jews […]”
Geschichte der Juden in Berlin. I. Als Festschrift zur zweiten Säkular-Feier. Im Auftrage des Vorstandes der Berliner Gemeinde bearbeitet von Ludwig Geiger. Nach den Alten des Geh. Staats-, des Ministerial-, des Stadt- und des Gemeinde-Archivs, nach gedruckten Quellen und den Materialien des Herrn L. Landshuth. (History of Jews in Berlin. I. As a commemorative issue for the second secular-celebration. Edited by Ludwig Geiger and on behalf of the board of the community of Berlin. According to old/historical secret state-, ministerial-, city- and community-archives and published sources and materials of Mister/Lord L. Landshuth.); (Berlin 1871); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/27/2020