Sept. 17, 1764

“[Regarding] Beggar-Jews and other riff-raff” issued by the Government of Prince-Elector of Brunswick-Lüneburg [Present-day Germany; Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg/Holy Roman Empire]: “[…] 1) That no foreign Jew shall be admitted to the free annual markets […] who is not under protection in any of the neighboring lands or cities […] or one who truly is in the service of a protected Jew and can provide a valid proof/permit from the local authorities under whose jurisdiction he lies. […] 2) Jews who arrive at the annual markets must show [proof] of their permit upon arrival […] 3) Jews who do not have such permits are to be stopped/held/arrested […] 4) Inn/tavern-keepers (‘Wirth’) may not provide foreign Jews without a permit shelter/housing […] or be jailed for 8 days […] 5) Locals are much less to shelter/house an unknown foreign Jew […and those who do] shall be punished even harder; either with a fine or corporal punishment. […] 7) No foreign Jew […] coming into our land shall be issued a passport by anyone no matter who they may be […]”
Des Königreichs Hannover Landes-Gesetz und Verordnungen, insbesondere der Fürstenthümer Calenberg, Göttingen und Grubenhagen. In einem Auszug nach alphabetischer Ordnung gebracht von Friedrich Christoph Willich, Doctor der Rechte und königliche Großbritannisch Honnoverschen Rath. Erster Band. A – G. Zweyte Auflage. (“State Laws and Ordinäres of the Kingdom of Hannover, especially the principalities of Calenberg, Göttingen and Grubenberg. As abstracts in alphabetical order prepared by Friedrich Christoph Willich, JD, and Royal Britisch Council of Hannover. First Volume, A – G. Second issue.”); (Göttingen; 1825); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/25/2019